Review: Amidst the Clutter and Mess

Amidst the Clutter and Mess, the long awaited debut album from Green Buzzard,captures the collective confusion of Australia’s mid to late 20s population and delivers it into a meandering, rambling collection of acoustic anti-ballads.

The band were one of many bands to be thrown under the category of ‘Britpop revivial’ after bursting onto the scene a few years ago with the uber catchy ‘Zoo Fly’. Now consisting of just singer/songwriter Paddy Harrowsmith, the band’s dissolvement is just one of many heavy themes tackled on the record.

The album also chronicles fun topics such as existential crisis’ and a relationship breakup, and a melancholy undercurrent exists throughout as a result.  There are also moments where it sounds like a weight has been lifted from Harrowsmith’s shoulders, like a much needed, breakthrough wicket in a cricket match. Gloomy verses give way to sunny-sounding choruses in Forget You, giving hope to brighter days ahead.

The album rambles a little excessively in some parts, like on Wooden Dog, and probably features too much low-fi guitar fuzz that is especially prevalent on earlier releases.

Still, Harrowsmith achieves a sound that is more his own than many other bands could claim. Catchy, vulnerable lyrics are the highlight of the album, especially relevant to the legions of mid to late 20s experiencing similar across Australia.

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