When surprises cease to surprise

A 14 year old boy pointed his gun at me, as I crouched nervously on my haunches. We were squatting with about 20 others in a circle while the leader, a smartly dressed man with a beard, was conducting things from the centre of the ring. There must have been 200 other men in the large room with us.  

The man from Pripyat

It’s disconcertingly quiet. Although not yet winter, the famously cold eastern winds are blowing, and it feels like it is. We walk down the middle of the road; there’s no need to worry about traffic in Pripyat. It’s an unusual tour group of eight made up of three Australians, two Poles, a middle-aged Ukrainian couple, …

Belgrade – a mistake worth making

If you ever need to make an erroneous 20 hour stopover somewhere, make it Belgrade.